Cleo Ice Queens secures seat in Big Brother Africa Season 8: The Chase

It's the biggest reality show in the continent. Its famous for its fun, entertaining, cheerful, energetic, lazy, chating, backstabbing and promiscous characters. It has given birth to starts overnight and also elevated the careers of plenty other celebrities. I'm talking about Big Brother Africa aka #BBA.

This season is called The Chase and is extraspecial because our very own Cleo Ice Queen has secured a seat in the house. Stay glued to your TV sets and watch as she survives this chase. And dont forget to like her fan page as well as vote to have her stay till the end.

Cleo describes her Big Brother self as “friendly, loud, caring, blatant and loyal”, citing her favourite qualities as her patience, tact, obedience, domestication, humility and respect. She dislikes backstabbers, liars, immaturity and disrespectfulness and promises viewers “a lot of realness, a bit of comedy, a lot of singing and rapping, a lot of ME to the fullest”.

Follow this link to access The official fan page for Cleo aka Ice Queen
Big Brother house mate season 8:

Be sure to also keep up on twitter : @teamicequeen @teamkamikazi

The Chase is on!

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