Cleo Ice Queen's Big Brother Africa diary leak

We know you've been watching the show. Here is a leak of Africa's rap queen in the small screen.

Cleo's diary session today (15/08/2013): She is fine and humbled to still be in the game.She thanked Africa.
Her weekend: Good ,the soccer game was amazing,the swap,seeing the Emerald house. Saddned by Selly's departure and shocked by Natasha's eviction.The letters were wow to them too.

With shredding the letters: People seemed confused though glad Diamond housemates had their letters too.
Diamond house's reaction: They were... not impressed and felt a bit betrayed like Annabel said
Being seven;two couples spend much of their time together making the house down and low.
How she foresee the week: Looking forward to the task and arena though she cant wait for the suprises from Biggy.

Sulu being HOH: It feels great as he has long wanted that. 

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