Ninaka press release 2015
Cleo ice queen doesn’t seem to rest as she stays hard at work being the Zambian celebrity on social media with the biggest following, Cleo recently scooped a nomination for an AFRIMMA award ( in the “Best female Southern Africa” and shared the stage with the one and only Andre Harris Jnr recently, Cleo has become the new and only presenter for Zambia’s music talent show titled Dreams and continues to entertain the masses on her radio drive time c-host slot on 965Rock fm.

Arguably the best female emcee in Africa, Cleo Ice Queen is justifying that as she showcases her rap skills on her latest single #NINAKA featuring Wezi whose angelic voice just needed to be on the track from the moment Cleo heard the beat. Cleo says this song could not have come at a better time as in life there are ups and downs and this was at a point where it all felt overwhelming and pressures became too much which as human’s we all go through in life. ‘NINAKA’ a Nyanja word means ‘Im tired’ and Cleo wrote at a point where she felt tired and nothing seemed to be going right as her album process got delayed due to a fall out with her sound engineer at the time ; she was not winning any awards she was nominated for , it felt like her big dream had turned into a big nightmare. Through help and encouragement from her manager and Jayrox (zonefam member) Cleo fought back and the result of her coming out of this bad state was #Ninaka, please do enjoy.

The video was shot in Lusaka Zambia by Golobal studio’s; Directed by Julien and Cleo Ice Queen ; Edited by NXT. The concept of the video was too depict societal everyday things people are sick and tired off such as debt/violence/false prophecy/Rape/Murder/alcoholism/robbery and more which you’ll see on the different placards throughout the music video.

Produced by : Zamba Anamela Music Outta Africa

Social media:
@Cleo_icequeen – Cleo ice queen
@wezi_heatsound - Wezi
Cleoicequeen- Instagram

@Teamkamikazi – management team

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