Artist : Cleo ice queen feat. Urban Hype
Song : Turnup
Words by : C.Mulenga / Urban hype
Urban hype on it
Oh nana nana
(KB, Ice Queen Urban Hype)
Oh na oooh
When I wake up in the morning (On a Friday)
Stretch my back and I be yawning (tonight we doing it my way)
What's the plan (Oh God)
Tonight ya wanna Turn Up (ah what me say)
I wanna Turn Up turn up( I see the party shot)
I wanna Turn Up turn up (Mr. DJ Make you turn it up)
Ooooh wanna Turn up turn up (all di gyal dem make you broke it out... one time for my people make we turn it up)
I wanna Turn Up, Turn Up (x2)
Ooooooh I wanna Turn Up turn (What's the plan)
A little bit of sugar, a little bit of spice
A little big of everything nice, enticing
A little bit of splish, a little bit of splash
Turning up the weekend, we don't care about the pricing
Callin up the girls that will make you holler holler
All the bougie boy 'dem who be poppin' up they're collar
Pull up on it... Uban hype on it
Rewind selekta... willy bounce all on it.
Killa Beat we the ultimate terminator
Tell em I'll be back annaihilate a violater
Nobody greater cause we escalate like aviator
And when we party yea we turn up forget a hater
Detonate a perpetrator

Uh Hot gyal and her body be causing commotion. See them high rollers hollering and approaching. Pop pop goes the bottle so now we floating. Popo be patrolling and we be patroning. Put it in reverse and back it up and stroke up on his ego. Giving him a naughty dance, giving him a peepshow, hotter than jalapeno, speak a lil' Latino " Comprende senior que quiero su dinero"
Let's go..

come come dip it low, it's a summer time jam, now wine ya hips slow, lemme see you break it down to reggae and calypso, ya diggin da lingo, making the whole disco fall in love with the coco.


Yeah mayne I'm feeling like, yea mayne I'm feeling like, hitting the club blowing racks like dynamite. Whats the plan shawty feeling me i kinda like her. The way you shine in the night, iwe ni Malaika.. flyyy... I woke like this, pour up pour up baby pour me some jamie. Will i get that kiss? Turn up turn up baby only if you let me. Check it, speakin of which man I'm feeling kinda woozy, if I drink a little more mayne I think you might lose me, Im kinda tipsy I can't keep it on the hush, FJay eyeing Cleo, big hommie got a crush..

Repeat bridge


Cleo Ice, KB, Urban Hype. It's a KArmy ting

Artist : Cleo ice queen ft. Wezi
Song: Ninaka
Words by : C.Mulenga and W.Chipata

Im a soldier in love with this game and im never gonna stop/
And this love hurts but oooh, its never gonna stop//
Natila ahhhwe, Ninaka (×2)

Love for the money, love for the game/ Love that will make you go insane// All the pain and the frustrations that came with all the fame/ Had no hope big dreams was dead/ couldn't get up out my bed/ hip hop, love of my life, broke my heart and took that knife// hopeless almost took my life/ slipping, falling couldn't get up// my boy JayRox, called me up, told me Ice, yo we got this track, hop up on it bring it back/ bring rap back, yea you know it its a fact/ you got talent and you gonna make paper stack// image lost in a translation;  who I was and what you see/ im a Queen, im a mother but im out here hustling// whats my portion,  I was on potions trying to keep my mind in focus/ I was crazy every time the radio never played my track// here's my truth,  and it hurts, open book, flip the page/ spitting image of the girl that was told that she could never win/ but im striving , im surviving,  cause success is in my lineage/ voice of the people,  voice of the female lioness, won't be stopped nah//


Now to all my soldiers who stuck with it all through/ I just wanna take this moment to holla my thank you's// incase I never get the chance or never said it, life is short/ kinda hard to see clearly when the ball is in your court/ I appreciate but they still hate/ I'll relay the big debate/ is she phoney is she fake, and she really getting cake// does she really rep for the hood or does she eat from silver plates/ that girl faded awww that girl is just highly overrated// you never did it, so don't you dare tell me how it's done/ walk in the light,  future bright,  path lit by a divine kind of light/ they get a fright, with the frenzy that I cause at every show,  is it right/ all I got left is passion burning,  broken soul/ broken bones, broken dreams,  broken records,  heavy flows// and I'm repping for a generation/ yup, every nation// and im serving up solutions no matter what the equation/ I'm still Queen of my castle/ salute and respect thw hustle//


Ona kubeka-beka
Konse kwe tapita bango sekelela
Tiba chekelako bango sekelela
Madalitso fullu yeka yeka huh
Vo shupana na bafana tina leka
You remember pene mwenzo seka
Panali, mwenzo meka, but manje muna sala mweka
Ni mulilo ta pasa
Manje tipaya ma show kufika na ku Chipata
Iyi yenve talasa
Tina lwisha kupeza fonse va balansa
Sungani bweze pansi, nkala pansi una njota tiza ku pasa manzi
Nkala pansi, mfumu ndine ufuno shusha, bwela tiku silizise haah!!!!!



Artist: Cleo Ice Queen
Song: Big Dreams
Words: C. Mulenga

Southwest records 
Cleo Ice Queen
[Verse 1]
Now you now how I come through imma bury them
They aint neva seen a killer so I worry them
I bring the swag right even in a cardigan
Twist game spin it all around like a hurricane
Yeah I know I shoulda coulda woulda
But I flip my hoody up man I’m all gooda
Anything you throw to me trust im gon’ put up
Im in the game stood up
Keep it all G’d up
Prepped like mechanics im up in here tool’d up
Tougher than an animal im this b**** zoo’d up
I got foresight 40/40 man clued up
And its such a cool track I deserve a playback
So I go whip the game like black on black maybach’s
All the other lame cats gotta get their weight up
Gotta get their paper up
Yeah you need a j.o.b
Get your money up then come rock with me
[Chorus X2]
Shoulda coulda woulda
but I flip my hoodie up  man I’m all gooda
then we gon rock drop sway
imma keep it rocking imam do it all day
[Verse 2]
Yo shuffle it any how im still queen
big dreams spit 16’s ooh we
Festive gifts is the only thing you gon be wrapping
You fresh outta crèche to me I been making it happen
They call me P.R.O. professional
How I spit sick ass flows they aint neva know
Mind is working over- time Illest thing I do is rhyme
And I see a ray of hope yeah i see a ray of light
Success and the crowns is the only thing I see in sight
Young Cleo hold it down for L.S.K I do it right
F what you heard F what you know listen
Bringing the sound that they’ve been craving for a reason
Pause applaude
I bring the noise Sleek sleek sharper than a sword
Just hit me up quick click top dot org
You say you aint a fan tell me where you been
Blaze it up Its Ice Queen I mash it up and leave it clean
[Chorus X2]
Shoulda coulda woulda
But I flip my hoodie up man I’m all gooda
big dreams spit 16’s ooh we
big dreams m.u.s.i.c  its the music
Cleo Ice Queen I am Stan

Artist: Cleo Ice Queen feat. G.E.E
Song: Life of the party
Words: C. Mulenga
Producer: Mosaic

Now raise your glass to the ceiling
You’re the life of the party!
Come drink a toast to the weekend
You’re the life of the party!
You’re the life-life-life of the party yeah

[Verse 1 - Ice Queen]

Girl leave your man at home
If he try call, don’t pick up the phone
Certified ballers in every corner, shot callers, high rollers all on us
Ice-Queen I’m here got all my lil’ minions
I’m disregarding all of your opinions
Pour me a shot Ciroc or Sky Vodka, life of the party chilled like ice water
Queen here all my lil’ minions
I’m disregarding all of your opinions
Pour me a shot ciroc or sky vodka, life of the party chilled like ice water
Now bounce, shake, twist it and dip/ go (bounce, shake, twist it and dip)
Its 11.30 drop it like its hot
Do the dirty dirty, winding don’t stop
See we flirty flirty, bottles just pop
See the bottles is poppin’ (bottles just pop)
Pass the Couvorsier and the Dutch, now puff-puff-pass
Put it in the air, hands in the air, long hair don’t care, (hands in the air, long hair don’t care) huh
Now take it to the hook right thurr, take it to the, to the hook right thurr

[Repeat Hook]

[Verse 2 - Ice Queen]
Put yo lighters sky high, big city bright lights
C-L-E-O-I-C-E-Q-U-E-E-N and I’m on it till the morning
Cops patrolling, we Patronin’
Yeah we keep it fresh while y’all stay cloning
Swagger rapper, hold it down for the ladies, yea we made it
Celebration, bottles on ice, the bottles is on ice (Bottles on ice, the bottles is on ice)
See me take off 1st class y’all coaching
See me way up in the sky where I’m posted
I’m bout to get it, bout to own it, its mine, its all over
Pull up in the spot there’s camera’s all over
The game’s hottest female em-cee
I bring the fight knock em out Layla Ali
See I come through, sassy flow, can’t do it like I do it, I’m classical
How I take over the business its magical
I was made to ball hittin’ wall to wall, made to ball hittin’ wall to wall?
Taking shots to this I’m bout to blow
Cleo-Ice-Queen let’s go!! (Cleo-Ice-Queen let’s go)

[Repeat Hook]

[Verse 2 - Gee]
You damn straight its a party (yuuup)
Now lemme put a little bit of excitement, cause that’s what I really wanna do
Lemme take you to the club, to the bar, that far, cause I really wanna make you say (oooooooo)
Pretty thing better know I’m the bestest
And everybody in here know my name
Everybody over here, everybody over there know its about to go insane
We’ll never (we’ll never), we’ll probably never get another chance
Lemme take you to my house, before we try to make any other plans
Right now all I wanna do is party Maybe even try to get a little naughty
Let’s bring this house down, like right now, that’s right let’s get retarded
Let’s get it, let’s get it, this night is really far from over
I aint tryna leave this house or this pub or this club right now, I’m far from sober
Pretty smashed so I’m ’bout to go crazy, is anybody out here tryna save me
All the women over here, all the women over there…I’m bout to make another baby

[Repeat Hook]



Artist: Cleo Ice Queen
Song: Boys Talkin
Words: C. Mulenga
Producer: Terence 'Mr Kamera'Kamera

Boys talkin’ lyrics

Hook: (x2)

I got 'em following following, dem no wanna let go/

I got em hollerin' hollerin', dem no wanna let go/

I got the boys talkin' (4x)

Verse 1:

So I got a new man, his name is hip hop/

Make love on the mic, never swallow I spit dope/

He love it how I flaunt and slap on my lip gloss/

We be ballin' and I'm fallin' for him he's so boss/

I aint no ordinary playboy bunny, I'm a hustle bunny/

All them other clowns think I'm playin, aint nothing funny/

Dressing to the nine's, like a parking ticket...too fine/

Me, I'm a dime, IceQueen can't be denied/

Now I'm elevating and dem lames is beneath me/

How I spit venom, killin' 'em softly easy/

Its the Ice, I'm a Queen, best believe I'm bonafied/

Check all of my credentials homie the kid's certified/

Don't get me confused with the rest of them lames/

I aint no rookie of the year, I aint playing no games/

Numb your brain, numb your pain like a shot of nova-cane/

And when I'm done with this beat, ama have you goin insane what!

Hook (x2)

Verse 2:

I told you I'mma shine, I told you I'm a dime/

I'm taking back everything that I know was ever mine/

I'm taking back the future cause in it I'm a star/

Fuck buying me a drink, I'mma buy you the bar/ (giggles)

I see you bumpin' your head, face is contorted/

Beat goes in and my flows is all sorted/

Already know, already home, already on the road to stardom/

Allow me to beg you a pardon, play rough? Never dat, I'm such a lady/

Da man 'dem go crazy, tell 'em I'm not your baby/

Look at that, look at how they lookin' at Queen/

They know I'm on fire and my flows so mean/

All eyes on me, its like honey on bee's/

I need no interruption when I'm rollin' dat green/

Keep it fresh so clean, the only grind I know is music/

Flow so sick its guaranteed you gon' lose it/

Hook (x2)


So when you see me posted up on the top... (Huh) you gon' know dat I been through hell and back just to get it!! Haha (yo)

I got 'em hollerin' hollerin', followin', followin', lootin', hootin', everything shootin'!

Yo! Wait!

Outro: (speaking)

Shout out to BeatBoy!!!



Artist: Cleo Ice Queen
Song: Addicted
Words: C. Mulenga
Producer: Terence 'Mr Kamera'Kamera

Oh na na na  (x3)

Boy I wanna rock wit you/ I dont wanna waste no time.       
Boy I wanna rock wit you/ I just wanna say you're mine   
Cause you da only one who make my heart skip a beat/ boy you came and knocked me off of my feet
You da only one who makes my heart skip a beat
You got me so addicted/ Love is wicked
You got me so Addicted so Addicted (x3)
You got me so Addicted/ Love is wicked

Niliko addicted/ tease me tease me
Akani ona daily daily/ ni squeeze me squeeze me
Tima chillinga pa easy please me please me/ and it's not even my BDay please believe me/ amani gwililapo tight/ never release me/ elo timwelapo pint cease me cease me/ guy wanga ali badda dan da rest, ali badda dan bad/ amaniuza you da best dat I ever really had so...  


Vs 2

Body shape coca cola bottle/ whine real slow
Anikonda monga ndine sweet potatoe
Love yake ili wicked/ unrestricted /
Elo emve sali crooked he's so committed/ said I make him wanna hold me tight all through the night/ explosive like dynamite/ nah we never fight/ love ya mu filimu/ mu cinema/ ni mechanica wa mutima